Quality bush hammer head with or without stand blocks. Different types of premium tungsten carbide teeth can be chosen, such as point type, line type, vacuum brazed type, and more.

A bush hammer head comes in a bush hammer roller and 2 stand blocks. It is the key part of the bush hammer tools. If the quality of the bush hammer heads is good, that means the quality of the bush hammer tool is good. But how to recognize if the quality of bush hammer heads is good? Here are three ways: 1. to check if the bush hammer roller can be rotated smoothly. 2. to check if the bush hammer roller is loose. 3. to ask the suppliers which grade of tungsten carbides are used(YG8 tungsten carbide is a good grade for bush hammer tools).

Sunny Superhard Tools provides you with different types of high-quality bush hammer heads and bush hammer rollers, for making different bush-hammering finishes. When buying bush hammer tools, we recommend you to buy some extra bush hammer heads or bush hammer rollers for replacement.