Diamond Saw Blade

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Product Name: 350mm M segment diamond blade
Product Name: Diamond saw blade for cutting concrete and reinforced concrete
From Country: Australia
From Country: Bolivia
Jane! My client loves the 350mm M segment balde I got. Today was his firt day with it and he says he is excited to buy some.
I would like to find a 400mm outer diameter blade for him as well, do you have price list for your blades I can look over?And also with freight from China to Australia does that go by weight? I wish to give my client a cost per blade so hopefully I can sell him as many as possible.
Customer: Hi Alvin how you doing
Alvin: hi fine, nice to hear from you
Customer: yes i finally used all the discs and i just want to tell you that it worked perfect
Alvin: what about the performance?
Customer: yes it meet the requirements.
Feedbakc of concrete blade-Australia
Product Name: Diamond saw blade for cutting stones
Product Name: Diamond ring saw blade with Arix segments
From Country: United States
From Country: Australia
amazing very fast shipping outstanding blade it cuts great and there is a ton of diamond on it. looks like it will last a long time. will recommend this company and product to anyone thanks again Hi Jane
i recieved the blades and we tested them out today and they are the best we have ever used in our 25 years in the concrete sawing busines.
Feedback of 450mm silent marble blade-USA Feedback of diamond segment for wall saw blades-Russia-Fiona
Product Name: 450mm Silent marble blade for sale
Product Name: Diamond segment for wall saw blades
From Country: United States
From Country: Russia
450mm Silent marble blade, segment height 8mm, innerhole 50/60 todo excelente muy atentos y estoy muy contento com esta compania muchas gracias ваши сегменты есть отличная работа1 мм истирается на 4 M2