Thanks for visiting, see you in 2024 Marmomac

The world's largest and most well-known stone exhibition, MAROMAC 2023, opened grandly on September 26 at the Verona International Exhibition Center in Italy. This exhibition has 1507 participating companies, including 12 exhibition halls and 3 outdoor halls, with a total exhibition area of over 76000 square meters. The Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy has established a shared platform for international exchange and cooperation among raw material suppliers, processing equipment manufacturers, and purchasers in the stone industry. It is a must-have event for Chinese stone companies to explore the international market. As an annual global top stone event, Verona Stone Exhibition showcases various products from the stone supply chain, from raw materials to finished products, from processing machinery to stone application design, everything from raw materials to finished products. Whether you are a practitioner, designer, or investor in the stone industry, Marmomac will be an important moment that you cannot miss. It not only represents the future of the stone industry, but also serves as a communication and cooperation platform for the global stone community, showcasing the latest technology and design trends in the global stone industry. Sanying Diamond Tools participated in this exhibition with the company's unique products and received a warm response on-site. The Sanying exhibition area is bustling with customers, new and old customers from various countries and regions around the world have come to inquire, and there is an endless stream of people on site. This was a great experience and received a lot of support from new and old customers. As shown in the figure; Standing on the international stage of the Verona International Stone Exhibition, Sanying fully demonstrated the company's strong technological research and development capabilities, presented good products and solutions to domestic and foreign merchants, and further deepened the process of "globalization". We have witnessed the great success of this year's exhibition, and we have the power to make the 2024 exhibition more extraordinary, and contribute more to the transformation and development of the global stone tool industry!