Manufactur standard Diamond Cutting Disc For Concrete - 16 Inch Laser Concrete Saw Blade With Arix Diamond Segments - Sunny Superhard Tools

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Concrete saw blade is used for cutting concrete or reinforced concrete. For cutting concrete without steel or with less steel, you can choose high-frequency welded concrete saw blades. It's more economical to compare with a laser one. However, if you are cutting reinforced concrete, you'd better choose the laser concrete saw blade. Because there is much steel in reinforced concrete and the diamond segment hold much firmly than high-frequency one and won't be easy to drop. On the contrary, if using a high-frequency blade to cutting reinforced concrete, the diamond teeth probably will fall from the blade. This 16 inch (400mm) laser concrete saw blade is designed to be used on handheld concrete saw and walk behind concrete saw, with an arbor of 25.4mm. It can fit the cutters brand like Hilti, Husqvarna, and others. What's more, we equipped this concrete saw blade with 28 arix diamond segments, to increase its performance of cutting reinforced concrete. Laser saw blade for reinforced concrete Arix type diamond segments Excellent diamond segment formula with a high percentage of cobalt High performance and long lifespan Other Recommended Laser Concrete Saw Blades Usage Diameter Segment Thickness (mm) Segment Height (mm) Segment Quantity (pieces) Arbor (mm) inch mm laser saw blade for cutting reinforced concrete 12 300 3 10 20 25.4 14 350 3.2 10 24 25.4 16 400 3.6 10 28 25.4 18 450 4 10 32 25.4 20 500 4.2 10 36 25.4 24 600 4.6 10 42 25.4 25.6 650 4.6 10 46 25.4 28 700 4.6 10 50 25.4 29.5 750 4.8 10 54 25.4 32 800 4.8 10 57 25.4 SAFETY TIPS:  Whenever you are using a diamond saw blade for cutting projects, for keeping safety, please be careful and make sure that your body is fully protected. Safety is the first thing you should concern when doing cutting works.  φ400*40*4.0*12*28T

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