400mm Flat Diamond Segment For Cutting Marble

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Product Description This diamond segment has a size of 42/40*3.4*10mm and is designed for cutting marble stones.  For 300mm to 800mm marble diamond blades, the diamond segment has a length of 40 or 42mm. For larger marble blades, the diamond segment length is 24mm. The recommended marble segment height is 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. Tips: The main element of marble diamond segments is Copper and it has a low melting point, so the welding technology should be Silver Soldering. Specifications Name 300mm Diamond Segment For Cutting Marble Stones Application For cutting marble, limestone and other soft stones. Applied Blade 300mm marble diamond blade Segment Size 41.6/39.3*3*8mm Quantity/Set 22 pieces per set Packing Paper→Small Hard Box→Wooden Box Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Wechat, Credit Card, Cash, L/C Place of Origin Quanzhou, Fujian, China Shipping Port Xiamen Port (other ports are available) Different Sizes of Flat Type Marble Cutting Segments Diameter (mm) Segment Sizes(mm) Quantity/Set (pc) φ300 41.6/39.3*3.0*8 22 42.1/39.3*3.0*10 φ350 42.6/40.6*3.0*8 25 43.1/40.6*3.0*10 φ400 42.0/40*3.4*8 29 42.3/40*3.4*10 φ450 40*4.0*8 32 40*4.0*10 φ500 40*4.0/4.2*8 36 40*4.0/4.2*10 φ600 40*4.6/4.8*8 42 40*4.6/4.8*10 φ700 40*5.2*8 42/46 40*5.2*10 φ800 40*6.0*8 46/57 40*6.0*10 Different Sizes of SandwichType Marble Cutting Segments Diameter (mm) Segment Sizes(mm) Quantity/Set (pc) φ900 24*7*8 64 24*7*10 24*7*12 φ1000 24*7.5*8 70 24*7.5*10 24*7.5*12 φ1200 24*8.5*8 80 24*8.5*10 24*8.5*12 φ1300 24*8.5*8 88 24*8.5*10 24*8.5*12 φ1600 24*9.5*8 108 24*9.5*10 24*9.5*12 φ1800 24*10.5*8 120 24*10.5*10 24*10.5*12 φ2000 24*11*10 128 24*11*12 φ2200 24*11*10 132 24*11*12 φ2500 24*12*10 140 24*12*12 Packing of Marble Diamond Segments Download Our Latest Diamond Tools Catalog? Want more types of diamond segments? Download our latest catalogues... Download

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