Zigzag husqvarna redi lock diamond grinding segment

Zigzag diamond grinding segments are recommended to be used in removing floor coatings or rough grinding of the concrete, terrazzo floor. For zigzag husqvarna grinding segments, we provide the main 3 different types: 1. 1 zigzag segment 2. 2 zigzag segments 3. 1 zigzag segment + 1 button segment Specifications:
Application For rough grinding or floor coating removals
Segment Type Zigzag segment
Segment Number 1 piece
Connection Husqvarna quick change
Fit Machine Husqvarna floor grinding machine
Packaging 6 pieces/box or 9 pieces/box
Delivery 7-15 days
We provide different excellent bonds for different hardness of concrete(including the "very soft" bond) and wide range of grits for different applications. What's more, OEM/ODM services are also welcome. Tell us your requirements and we will find the best solutions for you!