Turbo segmented diamond saw blade for cutting reinforced concrete

This multi hoels diamond saw blade are desinged for cutting concrete and reinforced concrete. Excellent turbo type diamond segments are used and carry out a wonderful cutting speed. Features: 1. The diamond core blade is stronger with "J" slots. 2. Turbo type diamond segments bring faster cutting speed. 3. Multi holes on the core make the water easier to go through and lower the temperature of the blade. Specifications:
Diameter 350mm
Segment Numbers 24 pcs
Segment Type Turbo Type
Bore Size 25.4mm
Welding Type Laser Welding
Application Cutting concrete, reinforced cocnrete
Wet/Dry Wet&Dry Cutting
Silent/Non-Silent Non-Slient
Slot Type "J" Slot
Net Weight 1.6kg