Thick Resin Bonded Diamond Polishing Pads For Polishing Concrete Granite Marble Floors

Resin bond diamond polishing pads are used for polishing concrete, granite, marble, and other stones. They are usually velcro backed and used on angle grinders and floor grinders. The common size is from 3 inch to 7 inch. We can divide these resin polishing pads into 2 types: soft pads and hard pads. Soft polishing pads are thin & flexible and mainly used on angle grinders, for wet/dry polishing(especially good for polishing the edges of stones). Hard polishing pads are very thick and mainly used on floor grinders, for wet polishing. The soft pads have only a few patterns. However, for hard pads, there are lots of different patterns. Sunny Superhard Tools offers you premium soft polishing pads and hard polishing pads, with different kinds of pattern types. SYF-Q01