The classification of diamond segments

 The Classification of Diamond Segments

Diamond segments are the function part of almost all the diamond tools. They are widely used in cutting, grinding and drilling different stones(granite, marble, etc.) and other construction materials(concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, etc.).

Instead of the diamond segments, some of the diamond tools maybe use tungsten carbides and PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) as the function part, such as the bush hammer tools.

Note: (In the picture, I think of the diamond wire saw beads also as the diamond segments)

In this article, we are going to talk about the diamond segment types. Here what we called the “diamond segments” refers to the diamond segments for diamond saw blade. Because only the diamond segments of diamond saw blade are most popular in the market. Other diamond tools are usually sold completely. (Diamond wire saw beads are also very popular and we will talk about it in other articles)

We can divide the diamond segments into different classifications according to different methods.

Ⅰ- Dividing the diamond segments by its characters

According to its characters, the diamond segments can be divided into Multi-layers segments and Sandwich diamond segments. What’s more, we can deeply divide the multi-layers segments into normal type segments and arix type segments.


1. Multi-layers Diamond Segments

Multi-layers diamond segments are also called multi-lines diamond segments. You can see the obvious lines/layers on the surface of these diamond segments. They are widely used in cutting granite, marble and other stones.

multi-layers diamond segment

There are 2 different layers of a multi-layers diamond segment. One of the layers contains diamonds(we also call it “working layers”, and the other doesn’t(we also call it “transition layers”). They are staggered. When working, the transition layers will be consumed first and form grooves. Thus, the multi-layers diamond segment will form several staggered “thin blades” , which can cut the stones fast.

Because the multi-layers diamonds have several “transition layers” which have no diamonds in it. So the price will be much cheaper than the sandwich diamond segments.

Compared with sandwich diamond segments, the multi-layers segments:

1. have a shorter life
2. have faster cutting productivity
3. have a lower price

2. Sandwich Diamond Segments

Sandwich diamond segment actually can be also one of the multi-layers diamond segments, but it has only 3 thicker layers and each layer is the working layer and has diamonds. They are mostly used in cutting marble. Because marble is much more expensive than the granite, and this kind of diamond segment will make less cutting chips and save the material.

sandwich diamond segment

The 3 layers of sandwich diamond segments have different diamond concentrations. The middle layer has a lower diamond concentration than the side layers. So, after being used, it will form a smooth groove in the middle. Please check the photo as follows:

Compared with multi-lines diamond segments, the sandwich segments:

1. have a longer lifespan
2. have slower cutting productivity
3. have a higher price

3. Arix Diamond Segments

Arix Diamond Segment is the segment whose diamond particles are arranged like the matrix. It belongs to the multi-layers diamond segment and is usually used on the diamond saw blade, ring saw blade, and core drill bit. Compared to the normal multi-layers diamond segment, it has a higher performance. arix-segment

The diamond particles are arranged very regularly in the working layers:

1. each working layers’ particles are arranged by matrix.
2. each working layers’ particles are on the same plane.

Why the arix diamond segments provide a higher cutting efficiency than the normal one?

These 2 characters above make it possible for creating a thinner working layer and higher cutting productivity. The thickness of normal arix type working layers of the granite segment is about 1.0mm, while the arix one can reach 0.5-0.6mm.

When cutting, the diamond particles will be consumed from the top row to the last row. Thus, it guarantees a certain number of diamond particles to work.

Ⅱ- Dividing the diamond segments by the material to be cut

By this method, we can divide the diamond segments into 4 main classifications:

1. granite segment(diamond segment for cutting granite)
2. marble segment(diamond segment for cutting marble)
3. concrete segment(diamond segment for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete)
4. asphalt segment(diamond segment for cutting asphalt)
Diamond Segments classified by the material to be cut

Granite, marble, concrete and asphalt are the 4 main materials used in the construction field. For cutting different materials, the diamond formulas of the segments should be different (go to my last article to check the diamond formulas).

Ⅲ- A Simple Conclusion

The diamond segments classification and it’s corresponding applications:

Diamond Segment Type  Applications
Multi-layers Diamond Segment  Normal Type For cutting granite, marble, concrete, and reinforced concrete
Arix Type For cutting granite, concrete, and reinforced concrete
Sandwich Diamond Segment  For cutting marble

Ⅳ- Market of The Diamond Segments

At first, let’s check out why the customers need to buy diamond segments?

1. Why do we need to buy diamond segments?

For a diamond saw blade, after the diamond segments have been fully consumed, It can’t work. So there are 2 ways: one is to get a new one and the other is to replace the diamond segments.

For small diamond saw blades(diameter under 600mm), the steel core is thin and can’t be used repeatedly. So, to get a brand new diamond saw blade is the choice.

For big diamond saw blades(diameter over 600mm), most of the customers will try to buy diamond segments and do the replacement by themselves. Because at first, the steel core is thick and can be used repeatedly. Second, the steel core of the big diamond saw blade is very expensive. Reusing the steel core and replacing the diamond segments is a smart way to save money.

2. The diamond segments market

In the diamond segment market, most of the diamond segments are sold separately for cutting granite and marble. Granite and marble are the main natural stones used in construction. But right now, more and more artificial stones are developed and proved to be good construction materials. Artificial stones will be more and more popular.

At first, mining the granite and marble will produce environmental pollution. Some regions have already stopped mining.

Second, the granite and marble will be exhausted someday.

Most of the customers buy the diamond segments for the big diamond saw blade, such as the diameter of D1200mm, D1800mm, D2200mm, D2700mm, D3000mm, etc. There is a standard of how many pieces of diamond segments a diamond saw blade should have. Different counties may have different standards. The following are the standard of SUNNY Diamond Tools, including the standard for the granite and marble:

24mm Length multi-layer diamond segments for granite cutting:

Diameter Segment Size Segment Nos. Diameter Segment Size Segment Nos.
mm mm pieces mm mm pieces
φ900 24*6.6/6.0*12 64 φ1800 24*9.8/9.2*12 120
24*6.6/6.0*15 24*9.8/9.2*15
24*7.0/6.0*20 24*10.2/9.2*20
φ1000 24*7.0/6.4*12 70 φ2000 24*10.5/9.5*12 128
24*7.0/6.4*15 24*10.5/9.5*15
24*7.4/6.4*20 24*10.5/9.5*20
φ1200 24*8.0/7.4*12 80 φ2200 24*11.5/10.5*12 132
24*8.0/7.4*15 24*11.5/10.5*15
24*8.4/7.4*20 24*11.5/10.5*20
φ1300 24*8.4/7.8*12 88 φ2500 24*12.5/11.5*12 140
24*8.4/7.8*15 24*12.5/11.5*15
24*8.8/7.8*20 24*12.5/11.5*20
φ1600 24*9.0/8.4*12 108 φ3000 24*13.5/12.5*12 160
24*9.0/8.4*15 24*13.5/12.5*15
24*9.4/8.4*20 24*13.5/12.5*20
Other sizes are available upon your requests φ3500 24*14.5/13.5*15 180

Different Sizes of Flat Type Marble Cutting Segments

Diameter (mm) Segment Sizes(mm) Quantity/Set
φ300 41.6/39.3*3.0*8 22
φ350 42.6/40.6*3.0*8 25
φ400 42.0/40*3.4*8 29
φ450 40*4.0*8 32
φ500 40*4.0/4.2*8 36
φ600 40*4.6/4.8*8 42
φ700 40*5.2*8 42/46
φ800 40*6.0*8 46/57

Different Sizes of SandwichType Marble Cutting Segments

Diameter (mm) Segment Sizes(mm) Quantity/Set
φ900 24*7*8 64
φ1000 24*7.5*8 70
φ1200 24*8.5*8 80
φ1300 24*8.5*8 88
φ1600 24*9.5*8 108
φ1800 24*10.5*8 120
φ2000 24*11*10 128
φ2200 24*11*10 132
φ2500 24*12*10 140