32 packages of diamond saw blades will be delivered in next few days!

diamond saw blades packed in wooden boxes

Before the Spring Festival, we finished the big order of diamond saw blades ( 32 packages in total, more than 1 thousand pieces).

These diamond saw blades contains marble diamond blades, granite diamond blades, and concrete diamond blades and the sizes include 350mm, 400mm, etc.

The delivery time on the contract is February. But the Spring Festival will come soon. What we do is to arrange the production of diamond saw blades reasonably, advance the delivery time and make the shipping successfully before the Spring Festival, which saves at least 15 days for our customers.

As the largest holiday in China, the Spring Festival will last about half month and during this period, all the factory will be closed including the logistics companies. So, our customer will benefit from these saved 15 days and can promote the diamond saw blades on his market and return the money as soon as possible.

Thanks all the staffs of SUNNY SUPERHARD TOOLS!

We can make more benefits for our diamond tools customers!