Metal Bonded Abrasive Diamond Fickert For Grinding Granite Marble Stones

Metal bonded diamond fickert is an efficient abrasive diamond grinding block in the stone processing industry. It is usually equipped on automatic grinding machines and widely used for coarse grinding or medium grinding for granite, marble, and other stones.

Like segment of other diamond tools, the diamond segment of diamond fickert also mainly consists of artificial diamond particles and a variety of metal powders (which is used as bonding agent). After being sintered under high temperature and high pressure, the segment formed will be not easy to fall off when in use. Sunny Superhard Tools offers you high-quality metal bonded diamond fickert in a wide range of diamond grit (36#/46#/60#/80#/100#/180#/220#). You can choose several different diamond grits for your grinding & polishing line. Excellent diamond segment formulas fit for grinding granite, marble, quartz, tile, and other construction materials.
  • Excellent diamond segment formulas for grinding & polishing the surface of various kinds of stones
  • High performance & long lifespan
  • Abrasive grinding & polishing without chips 
  • Low power consumption
  • OEM/ODM service is supported  
 Optional Specifications of Metal Bonded Diamond Fickert
Optional Working Length 140mm, 170mm, 190mm
Optional Segment Height 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm
Optional Diamond Grit 36#, 46#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 180#, 220#