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Product Description

As the function part of metal bonded diamond tools, the diamond segment is vital for the diamond tools. Such as the diamond tools of diamond saw blade, diamond core drill bit, gang saw blade, concrete grinding disc, etc. The wire saw beads are also one type of the diamond segments, just sintered on the "core". The diamond segment comes in artificial diamonds and metal powders. Metal powders contain several different kinds of metallic elements(like iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, etc.) and act as the bonding agent of diamonds. At first, we should mix the mixture of diamonds and metal powders for hours. After cold pressing and hot pressing (sintering), the diamond segments are manufactured.

The diamond segments on this page are tapered and have a double V pattern on each side, for fast cutting and smooth cutting. Multi-Lines type diamond segment has better sharpness than sandwich type and is usually designed for cutting granite. The pattern creates 3 tapered areas. This design is to reduce the contact area and avoid the segment from being jammed when cutting granite blocks.

  • Multi-Lines type diamond segment for fast cutting of granite.
  • Excellent diamond formulas and high quality of diamonds.
  • High performance & competitive price & low power consumption.
  • Size can be customized upon your requests.

Diamond segments are widely used for cutting, grinding, and drilling in construction and stone field. Sunny Superhard Tools specialized in manufacturing diamond segment since 1993 and became one of the earliest & reliable diamond segment suppliers in China. We have developed lots of excellent diamond segment formulas to cut different materials. The high concentration of high-quality diamonds and cobalt ensures its top performance. Customers in different countries have different requirements for the size of the diamond segment. We can customize the diamond segment according to our customers' requests.

24mm Length Multi-Lines Diamond Segment for Cutting Granite:

Diameter Segment Size Segment Nos. Diameter Segment Size Segment Nos.
mm mm pieces mm mm pieces
φ900 24*6.6/6.0*12 64 φ1800 24*9.8/9.2*12 120
24*6.6/6.0*15 24*9.8/9.2*15
24*7.0/6.0*20 24*10.2/9.2*20
φ1000 24*7.0/6.4*12 70 φ2000 24*10.5/9.5*12 128
24*7.0/6.4*15 24*10.5/9.5*15
24*7.4/6.4*20 24*10.5/9.5*20
φ1200 24*8.0/7.4*12 80 φ2200 24*11.5/10.5*12 132
24*8.0/7.4*15 24*11.5/10.5*15
24*8.4/7.4*20 24*11.5/10.5*20
φ1300 24*8.4/7.8*12 88 φ2500 24*12.5/11.5*12 140
24*8.4/7.8*15 24*12.5/11.5*15
24*8.8/7.8*20 24*12.5/11.5*20
φ1600 24*9.0/8.4*12 108 φ3000 24*13.5/12.5*12 160
24*9.0/8.4*15 24*13.5/12.5*15
24*9.4/8.4*20 24*13.5/12.5*20
Other sizes are available upon your requests φ3500 24*14.5/13.5*15 180

Different Types of Sunny Granite Segments:



Name Superior Quality Granite Cutting Segments Manufacturer In China
Application For Cutting Granite, Sandstone and other hard stones
Features High concentration of cobalt
Segment Type
Multi-layer Type
Packing Paper→Small Hard Box→Wooden Box 
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Wechat, Credit Card, Cash, L/C
Place of Origin Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Shipping Port Xiamen Port (other ports are available)
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Packing of Granite Diamond Segments

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Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying of our diamond tools...

Hi Miley- yes we didi test them this weekend. The concrete we were grinding this weekend was super hard and the diamond segments held up pretty good. We had to add more weights to our machine mostly do to the large surface on the segments that's why we went to the new ones you guys just shipped out.I will leave a good review on your website.Thank you.

Customer from United States

Dear Alvin,
We have stoc from our old supplier but we tried all your tools. They look really great and our first impression is that your tools are perfect. We will see what will happened on long run but as I see your tools they are great.We will look also to some other products from your range and we will prepare another little order this days. technically all the tools look great. Thanks

Customer from Turkey

Hi Jane
i recieved the blades and we tested them out today and they are the best we have ever used in our 25 years in the concrete sawing busines

Customer from Australia

Привет мой друг
Вот такая красота получилась,
при работе вашим расходникомметалл/резинки!

Customer from Russia

We tested the #16-20 grit diamond tools, and they work excellent!!
I would like to order some more tools, 6×12 pieces=72 pieces more (SYF-B02 shape)
Could you please send me a proforma invoice, so I can pay it in advance, Thank You!
Best wishies,

Customer from New Zealand

Why Choose Sunny Superhard Tools?

Reliable quality, competitive price, quick response, fast dlivery, OEM/ODM service and more.

Reliable Quality

As a professional and experienced diamond manufacturer since 1993, Sunny Superhard Tools insisted on providing the best quality of diamond tools to our customers.

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery is very important for recovering the investment. Sunny Superhard Tools provide fast delivery service to benefit our customers. Small orders can be delivered within 7-15 days.

Competitive Price

Sunny Superhard Tools is continuously finding different ways to reduce the price without sacrificing the quality, and make our diamond tools competitive when compared with others.

OEM/ODM is Available

In the past few decades, Sunny Superhard Tools has made many orders of the OEM/ODM successfully. Some of the OEM/ODM services are free of charge!

Quick Response

Our teams is professional and the members have good study of the diamond tools. We offer quick response. Each messege or email will be replied within 24 hours.

Flexible Payment Terms

There are lots of different payment ways supported by Sunny Superhard Tools:T/T, Westunion, Paypal, Wechat, and Cash. For big orders, L/C can also be considered

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of bush hammer scratching roller should I choose, Carbide or PCD?

For the bush hammer scratching roller, we have designed two different types: one is the carbide type, and the other is the PCD type.

Here is the guide to choose the right scratching roller:

1. For scratching soft stones(such as marble), please choose carbide type.


  • Because the hardness of carbide teeth is not such high for scratching hard stones, but it is enough for scratching soft stones. 
  • Besides, the carbide teeth are much more competitive compared with PCDs.

2. For scratching hard stones(such as granite), please choose the PCD type.


  • Because the PCD has a very strong hardness, wear-resistance, and it works well on the hard stones.
  • It can also be used for soft stones. But in that case, it's not economical.
Are you a trading company or a manufacturer of diamond tools?

Yes, Quanzhou Sunny Superhard Tools Co., Ltd was established in 1993, and we are a professional and experienced diamond tools manufacturer in China.
Compared with traders, we have the following advantages:

1. The quality of diamond tools is guaranteed.
Sunny Superhard Tools uses high-quality materials and advanced production technology, as well as the strict inspection system to ensure the high & stable quality of our diamond tools. While for other diamond tools trade companies, the quality of diamond tools maybe not stable, as they some times will deliver you the same diamond tools but from different suppliers.

2. Much more competitive price.
Our diamond tools are much more competitive than the trading companies. Because we sell our products directly to our customers, but the trading companies will take extra profit. What's more, for our agencies, we offer unexpected price to make win-win cooperation and establish a long term business relationship.

3. Faster delivery.
Fast delivery is also very important for buyers. For end-users, it means that they can use diamond tools as early as possible. For resellers, it means that they can sell the diamond tools and recover their investment as soon as possible. Unlike the trading company, the manufacturer doesn't need to communicate with other suppliers to make orders again. We can place the production order immediately and make & delivery your diamond tools as fast as possible.

4. OEM/ODM services are welcome.
As an experienced diamond tools manufacturer since 1993, we have received lots of different customized diamond tools order from customers all around the world, such as the very long diamond core drill bit, the bush hammer plate, the diamond grinding shoes, the diamond segment, the diamond saw blade, and etc. The professional R&D department makes it easy to OEM/ODM diamond tools. While for trading companies, they are more likely to accept the standard diamond tools, and OEM/ODM service is usually unavailable.

5. Small orders are available.
For Sunny Superhard Tools, end-users of diamond tools are also very important. Because end-users can give us feedback about our diamond tools and this information is very important for us to improve our diamond tools in the future. We're always listening to our customers' suggestions, collect the data of our diamond tools, and keeping developing better diamond tools.

6. Our sales are much more professional in diamond tools than trading companies.
For Sunny Superhard Tools, all of our products are diamond tools or related machines, while trading companies maybe have many different types of cross-industry products. We are more professional and can help you to find the ideal diamond tools for your market(for resellers) or project(for end-users).

Why your diamond tools are much competitive compared to other suppliers? Do you sacrifice the quality?

No, we definitely won't sacrifice the quality to make a lower price. There are some ways we do to make much more competitive diamond tools:

1. To increase the productivity of our diamond tools, such as optimizing the production flow of diamond grinding pucks as follows:

2. To find the right suppliers of product materials
3. To find good agents for lower shipping fees
4. To reduce other unnecessary costs

What's the lead time of diamond tools?

The lead time is different for different orders.

For small orders, the lead time is only about 7-15 days.

For medium and big orders, our sales will confirm with you about the lead time when the order is confirmed.

The fast delivery is one of our advantages, and Sunny Superhard Tools delivers diamond tools faster than most companies.

What payment terms can you accept?

Sunny Superhard Tools provides flexible payment methods to our customers, including the following payment ways:

1. T/T, 100% in advance.

2. Western Union

3. Paypal

4. Wechat

5. Trade Insurance order on Alibaba (Support credit card).

6. Cash

Note: Generally, we accept the currency of USD/RMB only.

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