140mm klindex diamond grinding plate with 5 segments

This 140 klindex diamond grinding palte is designed to be used on Klindex model - Levighetor 645. 5 segments are welded on this plate, for grinding concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite and other construction materials. Specifications:
Name 140mm klindex diamond grinding palte with 5 segments
Application for grinding concrete, terrazzo, granite, marble and other connection materials
Diameter 140mm
Segment Number 5 pieces
Connection Type 3 pins
Fit machine Klindex-Levighetor 645
There are 3 parts of this plate: the metal part, the cushion part and the connection part(with 3 pins). These 3 parts are connected by high-strength glue, to ensure its working performance. Cushion part can help this grinding plate worked smoothly. Sunny provides you with a wide range of diamond grit and bond types to choose.